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CGE software products

As a Value Added Partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions we can provide advice on how to scope, acquire and implement CGE software products or how to use CGE products features. We can also arrange training in your region on different CGE software products.

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  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production/ Exploracion y produccion de Petroleo y Gas
  • Oil Refineries/ Refinerias de Petroleo
  • Nuclear Power Plants/ Centrales Nucleares
  • Irradiation facilities/ Instalaciones de irradiacion
  • Railways & Metro/ Ferrocarriles y Metro
  • Mining and Chemcal Plants/ Mineria y Plantas Quimicas
  • Finance and Banking/ Finanzas y Bancos
  • High Technology/ Alta tecnologia

Barrier-based Software Products

Ofrecemos nuestros servicios tambien en idioma Espanol.

Extended Capabilities

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 

Technological advancements in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is changing the way that humans interact with a new generation of adaptive intelligence machines - the smart robots. The interaction of Human Factors and AI is an emerging  risk management discipline. We have the right blend of discipline experts in Automation, Human Factors and AI which allows us to provide sound advice on how best to meet this emerging challenge.

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  • BowtieXP methodology and software training/Entrenamiento en la metodologia y software BowtieXP
  • Bowtie methodology implementation in operational/asset management systems/Implementacion de la metodologia Bowtie en los sistemas de gestion operacionales y de activos
  • Safety Case/Report preparation using Bowtie methodology/Preparacion de Informes de Seguridad/Reportes de Peligros Mayores usando Bowtie
  • Management of Human Factors using Bowtie/ Manejo de los Factores Humanos usando Bowtie
  • Big Data Analytics Strategy/Estrategia Analitica de Grandes Datos
  • Bowtie Risk Management in Robotics​/ Gestion del Riesgo con Bowtie en Robotica

Barrier-based Risk Management

Bowtie Risk Management is a key core business discipline of our practice. Using a barrier-based risk management methodology we help organizations answer the following three questions:

  • Do we understand what can go wrong?
  • Do we know what controls are in place to prevent this from happening?
  • Do we have the right systems, information and insights to assure that the controls are working effectively?  


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Todus Advisors is a Consulting group that provides advisory services to clients in hazard industries. Our clients are companies looking to harvest data, insights and the power of technologies to transform their business strategies and adopt an effective risk management culture. 

Our consultants have extensive practical expertise, technical skills and regulatory experience across multiple industries. By bringing together strategic insights and advanced risk management frameworks we help organizations to solve the most complex business problems using innovative ideas and transforming their risk management culture.  

In today's world of increasing complexity and constant change, risk factors are becoming more complex and interconnected. Our multidisciplinary approach to risk management enable organizations to identify and manage risk using a proactive and systematic approach to risk management.

Todus Advisors was founded in 2014 in NC, USA. We have expanded our services internationally serving Europe, US and Latin America clients. Our advisory services are provided in English, Spanish and Russian languages.

Our Services/Nuestros Servicios

Bowtie Methodology

robotics and

artificial intelligence 





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