Nuclear & Radiological

Chemical & Mining


  • Implementation of a Big Data repository based on a Hadoop platform to consolidate all risk data sources at a larger global US financial institution.
  • Implementation of Big Data Analytics platform to transform the Risk Appetite and risk limit thresholds at a large global US bank.


  • Development of draft Bowties for Advanced Water Cooled Reactors (APWR & ABWR).
  • Development of draft Bowties for radiotherapy treatment with Linear Accelerator (LINAC) for medical uses.
  • Development of Major Hazard Bowtie Workshops for a Radioisotope production facility. 


Financial Services

  • Facilitation of Major Hazards and Human Error Bowtie Workshops for a Chlorine Plant Operator.
  • Facilitation of Major Hazards Bowtie Workshops for a Submarine Emissary for a Mining site

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  • Facilitation of Major Hazards Bowtie Workshops for production of Well Safety Cases for several ultra-deep water exploration wells in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) for different international Companies.
  • Preparation of Major Hazard Bowties Diagrams as part of Safety Case Thorough Reviews (SCTR) for several offshore fixed and floating production facilities in the North Sea for different international Companies.
  • Facilitation of Major Hazards Bowtie Workshops for an Oil Refinery with Catalytic Cracking (CCU) and a Vacuum Distillation Units (VDU).

Bowtie Software

CGE Software products/Productos de CGE

Industry Expertise and Client Case Studies 

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  • Facilitation of Major Hazards Bowtie Workshops as part of a Risk Assessment Study for a Metro System.(driveless and conventional lines)

Oil & Gas and Refinery

We have helped large organizations to manage risk and transform their risk culture while achieve sustainable business results.  

We work with our clients to develop and execute their business strategies by optimizing various Risk and Rewards options.

The following Case Studies provide examples of our expertise and cross-industry credentials.


White Papers

Bowtie in Nuclear Power Plant Safety.

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Assessment of Safety Culture in Major Hazard Industries.

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The evolving role of risk management in the new era of smart robots.

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Practical Case Studies